Set of 3 - Massage Balls with Carry Bag


$ 19.95 USD

Work out your stressed and fatigued muscles with these deep tissue massage balls. The 3-inch ball is perfect to work on your thighs, calves, or lower back, while the 2-inch balls are just what you need for an intense trigger point massage on your hands, feet, or arms.

Each cotton storage bag contains one 3-inch ball and two 2-inch balls for convenient storage and easy travel. The massage balls are made from 100% natural cork (no plastic), making them lightweight and durable.

Using massage balls pre-workout can help activate your muscles prepping them for peak performance. Using them after a workout can promote circulation and healing. You can also use massage balls to reduce tension and tightness via trigger point therapy by putting pressure on a knot to release the muscle.


  • 1 3-inch message ball
  • 2 2-inch message ball 
  • 1 cotton travel bag