Conforto Durable Cork Yoga Mat

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Step up your workouts with a cork and natural rubber exercise mat. Designed with comfort in mind, the 5mm thick natural tree rubber backing ensures a non-slip base. The rubber provides enough support to keep you comfortable, even during sets of kneeling side-kicks. 

The cork top surface is designed to work harder when you do! As you sweat through your push-ups, your grip will increase as the cork interacts with sweat. 

The cork and rubber combine to make the perfect durable yoga mat. 

Why cork and natural tree rubber? 

We believe that materials matter! Cork is a 100% sustainable resource and does not require harsh chemicals to produce the final good. Cork contains natural antimicrobial and antifungal properties making it perfect for a challenging workout.  

Unlike the rubber, you are probably picturing natural tree rubber comes from plants! This means it's non-toxic and safe for everyone to use!


Claro translates to clear in Portuguese. This simple yoga yet durable yoga mat with no extra frills is perfect for clearing your mind and refocusing on what's important in life. 

Celebração means celebration in Portuguese. The multicolored tree rubber adds a touch of confetti to your workout.

Dimensions: 72" L x 26" W (5mm thick)

Limited time introductory price!

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the cork tree is planted, starting the cycle. The cork tree grows its bark thickening. The bark is carefully harvested and turned into commercial products, the bark on the tree regrows and the cycle continues.


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