Cork Bark Flats


$ 7.95 USD

    • Virgin cork bark pressed flat; available in 4 sizes (listed below)
    • Great for reptile enclosures such as terrariums or vivariums or growing and mounting orchids, bromeliads such as tallandsia air plants and vines
    • All natural and and great hide for everything from bearded dragons to crested geckos
    • Larger size can be cut or broken down into smaller pieces as needed
    • Cork is a 100% renewable environmentally friendly resource. It is harvested from Cork Oak trees approximately every 9 years without harming the tree in any way

    PLEASE NOTE: Due to customs regulations this product is only available to customers within the United States. 

    Are you looking for a real terrarium or vivarium backdrop or hide? Not a cheap plastic panel made in an overseas factory. After all, what is the impact when the plastic starts to break down in the humid environment of a vivarium? How about an all-natural solution for growing and mounting plants like orchids and tillandsia? Look no further than 100% natural virgin cork bark!

    Larger pieces of bark can be cut down, either using a power saw, a hand saw, or simply broken, into whatever size best fits your use. We have had some folks cut small 2" squares for mounting seedling epiphytes (air-plants) whereas others will use the full large piece for large vivarium hides.

    As this is a natural product, the sizes mentioned below are approximate and not exact. The size, shape, and thickness will vary with each piece. If you are looking for an exact size, we recommended purchasing one size larger and cutting it down to your desired size.


    Inches (on average)

    Millimeters (on average)

    Small 8-9" long x 5-7" wide (approx) 200-230mm long and 125-155mm wide (approx)
    Medium 10-15” long x 8-11” wide (approx) 250-380mm long x 200-280mm wide (approx)
    Large 16-23" long x 9-14" wide (approx) 400-580mm long x 225-355mm wide (approx)
    Extra Large 24-29" long x 10-15" wide (approx) 600-740mm long x 250-380mm wide (approx)

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