CorkHouse is the official showroom for the Jelinek Cork Group promoting cork and sustainable lifestyle products. With locations in Savannah, Georgia and Oakville, Ontario, CorkHouse welcomes you to experience the amazing, truly sustainable cork material and all it offers.

Our Mission

"Our mission is to inspire a lifestyle of simple living and well-being, as reflected by those living in the cork growing regions around the Mediterranean." - The Jelinek Family

We strive to promote a Mediterranean lifestyle. We vow to be with family, share with loved ones, and laugh more often. We believe in living a simpler lifestyle in efforts to create a happier, more sustainable planet.

These beliefs are reflected in the legacy we’ve been creating since 1855 and remain as our core values. The Jelinek Cork Group continues to be at the forefront today as this generation heads the movement to a more sustainable tomorrow.

Jelinek Cork Group: An Overview

Jelinek Cork Group (JCG) is over 150 years old. Today it is one of the oldest continually active cork companies in the world. It remains a privately owned, fifth generation family run company headquartered in Canada with subsidiary warehousing, office, and/or production facilities in various countries around the world. JCG ships cork products to over thirty different countries each year.

Key Locations

In addition to the head office and original historic CorkHouse showroom located in Oakville, Ontario Canada, Jelinek Cork USA is based in Savannah, Georgia and among other things specializes in providing bottle closures to distilleries. JC Savannah offices and showroom are located inside the incredible CorkHouse Savannah sustainable lifestyle hub. Over on the west coast of the United States is Jelinek Cork California. Located in North Hollywood, CA this locations provides complete sustainable design build services through the Oxform Studio division. Portugal serves as the primary production and distribution point at Corteceira Jelinek Portugal in Rio Meão. In the birth country of Jelinek Cork the company maintains locations in the Czech Republic as well as the capital city of Slovakia - Bratislava. Finally, JC maintains an office in the United Kingdom in the historic city of Bath.

A Little History

Jelinek Cork Group was founded in 1855 in the province of Bohemia within the former Austro-Hungarian Empire but known today as the Czech Republic. That area of the world was known then, as it is today, as the capital of world beer consumption. Cork stoppers were supplied by Jelinek to the leading breweries of the world when beer bottles were still sealed with natural corks. Distilleries and wineries quickly learned the advantages of using natural cork in sealing their own bottles and Jelinek Cork was soon also supplying these two industries, as well as the cosmetic, spice, and food markets with their stopper requirements. Crown corks with cork inserts were widely used during the 1940's and 1950's.

During the occupation of Czechoslovakia by the communists in 1948, Jelinek Cork was nationalized and the Jelinek family escaped to Canada to find freedom and a new start. The new North American company was started and prospered throughout Canada and the USA and began expanding into other countries. In 1989, with the collapse of the Iron Curtain and the ousting of the communist regime, Jelinek Cork Group re-established a division of JCG in Eastern Europe and today also have facilities in both the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic.

New and Exciting Products

Jelinek Cork Mosaic Floor and Wall Coverings - on the cutting edge of cork technology.

Jelinek Cork Coatings and Spray - the cork-based paint.

Jelinek Cork Contour Acoustic 3D Wall Coverings - designed for optimal sound reduction. 

Over the years Jelinek Cork has introduced new and exciting products to vastly different market areas. The automotive industry and engine parts (gaskets, carburetor and level gauge floats), specialty components (for musical instruments, batteries, sporting goods and shoe trades), industrial goods and building products (decorative floor and wall coverings, acoustical, anti-static and insulating materials) as well as numerous products for the stationery and home improvement markets are but a few of the more important industries being supplied by the Jelinek Cork Group throughout the world today.

JCG is dedicated to the promotion, production and distribution of all cork products. The group specializes and works only with cork – from the forest level to the final product – making JCG perhaps the most innovative cork company in the world.

Much of this innovation can be viewed at the company’s showroom/cork museum located in the Cork House, itself a designated historical heritage house preserved by the company.

Recognition of Responsibilities

Despite being one of the largest and most active global suppliers and distributors of cork items, JCG is always aware of its Social Responsibilities as well as its Responsibility to the Environment and the continued preservation and well being of the cork oak tree, the raw material source for all cork products. It recognizes the uniqueness of cork. The company mission remains dedicated to the preservation of cork, an environmentally and ecologically friendly renewable resource.

Over the years, JCG has participated in a number of conservation initiatives related to the cork industry. These initiatives always have the same objective … no pollution, no wastage of raw materials, and recycling whenever possible. For example, JCG is a primary participant in an innovative environmental program called Bag-a-Cork which involves the collection and recycling of used cork bottle stoppers. The Bag-a-Cork initiative is the first of such in North America.

In response to the large number of inquiries received from the public, Jelinek Cork launched a new recycled cork program in December, 2008. Community groups, schools and other not for profit organizations are encouraged to participate in this natural cork recycling initiative. This program helps community groups raise funds while bringing awareness towards natural cork - an environmentally friendly, renewable and recyclable resource.

Jelinek Cork Group promotes the use of environmentally friendly, sustainable and renewable products in the construction industry. The company fully supports the initiatives of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Rating System. Learn more about Jelinek Cork and the LEED rating system.

Research and development, environmental preservation, quality control, customer service and value may all be a cliché but are the true testimonial of the company’s 150 years in business. The JCG motto holds steadfast: “If you like nature, you will love cork” and the company’s belief in the environment remains equally strong. Its line of cork products are all manufactured only “from trees that go on living”.