Returns, Shipping, and Terms

Jelinek Cork Group is a 160-year-old business. We are the oldest continually active cork company in the world. We are here today only because of our customer's trust in us. Please feel free to email us at or call 912-234-2530 if you have any concerns.

Please note that these policies apply to orders placed on only. Orders placed on other Jelinek websites such as may involve different policies.



For USA (mainland) and Canada we offer two types of shipping:

  • Flat rate shipping ($8.95) for most small items
  • Calculated shipping for large items (such as furniture and flooring)

For Hawaii/Alaska and the rest of the world we offer calculated shipping based on the items you are ordering.

You can see the shipping rate that you will pay by adding items to your shopping cart and viewing your cart. There is a shipping rate calculator at the bottom of the cart page. Alternatively, begin checking out and you will see your rates after you enter your address.

We strive to ship all orders within 5 business days of receipt. High-value orders may be held until we can confirm the order via telephone. You will be notified via email or telephone if there will be a delay in processing and shipping your order. We ship most orders via UPS or United States Postal Service (or Canada Post). A tracking number will be sent as soon as the order ships.

International Orders: For orders shipping outside Canada and the USA, any duties or additional taxes incurred on the order are the responsibility of the customer. 



If you wish to return your product for any reason, contact us within 30 days of your purchase. Email us at with your order number and indicate that you wish to return your product. We will respond within 2 business days with a Return Authorization (RA) number and the address where you should send the product. Once we received the returned item, we will issue a full product refund according to your original payment method. You are responsible for return shipping costs but no other fees.



Damage Claims - Furniture: 
Please see the full freight damage claims policy here. All claims must be made within 48 hours of delivery. 

Payment Terms:
All payments through this website are due at time of purchase. For wholesale accounts, you may contact us at or 912-234-2530 for a Net 30 terms application.

Price Revision:
Although Jelinek Cork Group usually attempts to provide sufficient notice of pending price increases, prices are nevertheless subject to change without advance notice. Jelinek Cork does everything possible to maintain price quotations for as long as possible, however, due to world economic changes beyond company control (ie: currency exchange rates; oil, gas, and energy prices; freight costs; raw material yields; etc.) and political issues influencing business (ie: new legislation, revised taxes, added duties, etc) there are times when price adjustments, even on current and open orders, must be made to compensate for such economic uncertainties. Furthermore, if Jelinek Cork desires to revise the discounts, prices, points of delivery, service allowances or terms of payment but is restricted to any extent against so doing by reason of any governmental request, law, regulation, order or action, or if the discounts, prices, points of delivery, service allowances or terms of payment then in effect are altered by reason of governmental request, law, regulation, order or action, Jelinek Cork shall have the right (i) to terminate the Agreement and/or Order by notice to Buyer, (ii) to suspend deliveries for the duration of such restriction or alteration or (iii) to have applied to the Agreement and/or Order (as of the effective date of such restriction or alteration) any discounts, prices, points of delivery, service allowances or terms of payment governmentally acceptable. Any delivery suspended under this Section may be canceled without liability.

Custom Product and Design Development Charge:
An extra engineering and/or design development charge may be applied if Custom made Products or modifications to standard Products are required. This extra charge would be estimated in writing by Jelinek Cork prior to work commencement. This Development Charge would be separate from Product costs but could be included in the price of Prototypes.

Dies and Tool Charge:
If dies or special tooling is required for the production of custom Products, the cost for such dies or tools may be charged to Buyer, and may or may not form a part of the Development Charge noted above. Additionally, repairs and modifications to already existing dies and tools may be charged to Buyer. Jelinek Cork will advise Buyer in advance of work commencement if such charges will be applicable and Buyer will notify Jelinek Cork in writing of acceptance of such charges. In the event Buyer does not accept Dies and Tool charges, any agreement and/or order relating to those charges will be considered canceled, and Jelinek Cork will not be held liable for any ramifications caused by such cancellation.

Prototypes, Samples and/or Custom Products:
If Buyer orders and/or Jelinek Cork delivers a Product designated as a "Prototype, Sample and/or Custom Product", no guarantees, warranties or representations as to fitness for a particular purpose or merchantability are made with respect to such. Buyer shall have the duty and sole responsibility to test a Prototype, Sample and/or Custom Product prior to acceptance and/or incorporation into end-use applications. Further, a production Product based on a Prototype, Samples and/or Custom Product design may differ in assembly methods and material type and grade from the Prototype, Samples and/or Custom Product. Buyer, therefore, shall have the duty and sole responsibility for testing and acceptance of production Products which are based on Prototype, Samples and/or Custom Product designs.

Excuse of Performance:
(A) Deliveries may be suspended by either party in the event of: Act of God, war, riot, fire, explosion, accident, flood, sabotage; lack of adequate fuel, power, raw materials, labor, containers or transportation facilities; compliance with Governmental Requirements (as hereinafter defined); breakage or failure of machinery or apparatus; national defense requirements or any other event, whether or not of the class or kind enumerated herein, beyond the reasonable control of such party; or in the event of labor trouble, strike, lockout or injunction (provided that neither party shall be required to settle a labor dispute against its own best judgment); which event makes impracticable the manufacture, transportation, sale, purchase, acceptance, use or resale of Products or a material upon which the manufacture of Products is dependent.

(B) If Jelinek Cork determines that its ability to supply the total demand for Products, or obtain any or a sufficient quantity of any material used directly or indirectly in the manufacture of Products, is hindered, limited or made impracticable, Jelinek Cork may allocate its available supply of Products or such material (without obligation to acquire other supplies of any such Products or material) among itself and its purchasers on such basis as Jelinek Cork determines to be equitable without liability for any failure of performance which may result therefrom.

(C) Deliveries suspended or not made by reason of this Section shall be canceled without liability, but agreements and/or orders shall otherwise remain unaffected.

(D) In the event Jelinek Cork determines the financial strength or credit of Buyer is negatively changed and impacted or if the Buyer enters Chapter 11 or becomes bankrupt or becomes insolvent, or if a credit report indicates a poor credit risk, or if Buyer is late in making payments for past deliveries, at its sole discretion and without possible liability for late delivery or non-delivery, Jelinek Cork may choose not to supply Buyer further goods until such time that Buyer can guarantee and Jelinek Cork can accept such guarantee of full and timely payment of both past and future obligations and outstanding debts.

Warranty and Limitation of Liability:
Jelinek Cork warrants its Product against defects in material and workmanship for one (1) year from the date of delivery, provided such Product is properly handled, stored, installed, applied, used and maintained. In some cases, also refer to the express written warranty time period for other individual Products (ie: cork floor tile warranty). Jelinek Cork does not warrant any Product against damage from unacceptable storage, improper installation and/or use, improper maintenance, improper bottling and/or corking techniques, contamination, misapplication, improper specification or wear and tear and operational conditions beyond Jelinek Cork’s control. The terms of this Warranty are the exclusive terms available to Buyer during the period of this Warranty. No person has authority to bind Jelinek Cork to a representation or warranty other than this express Warranty.

Jelinek Cork shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages resulting from the use of Products whether a claim for such damages is based upon warranty, contract, negligence or other cause of action. Should any Product fail due to a manufacturer defect while subject to this Warranty, such Product shall be repaired or replaced or credited to Buyer, at Jelinek Cork’s option, but the overall cost of such repair or replacement or credit would be no greater than the invoiced cost of the product. Jelinek Cork must be notified of the alleged failure of Product within thirty (30) days of such event and advanced authorization for repair or replacement or credit must be obtained in writing from Jelinek Cork. This warranty is made expressly in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including without limitation, any warranty arising from a course of dealing or usage of trade, and all other such warranties are specifically excluded.

The correction of any defect or failure of Product by repair or replacement or credit to the extent set forth above shall be Jelinek Cork’s limit of liability and the exclusive remedy for any and all losses, delays or damages resulting from the purchase or use of the Product. In no event or circumstance shall Jelinek Cork or Jelinek Cork shareholders, executives or employees be liable for special, indirect or direct, incidental or consequential damages, and Buyer and any other person or entity to whom Products are transferred during the period of this warranty assumes responsibility for all personal injury and property damage resulting from or related to the handling, possession or use of Products and Products manufactured, assembled, distributed and sold by Jelinek Cork Group, including all Jelinek Cork Group of companies, divisions, and affiliates.

Web Site Disclaimer
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