Glue Down Cork Flooring Tile - Various Patterns

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Feel good about your floors! Cork flooring is a natural flooring solution that your feet and family will love! 

Cork flooring has the three things that you have been searching for in flooring: 

  1. Cork flooring is simple to care for.
  2. Cork flooring has tangible support that minimizes joint pain from standing.
  3. Cork flooring is WARM! The insulating properties of cork keep it from being as cold as tile or hardwood.

To care for cork flooring tiles, we recommend using a cleaner such as simple green mixes with water, or even a Swiffer! For a deeper clean use, a cleaning strength diluted vinegar. These tiles come with a varnish on top, but an additional layer of varnish after the floor is installed will help ensure that spills stay on top of the floor.

Cork flooring has a natural cushion that makes it an exceptional choice for anywhere you will be on your feet. Unlike hardwood and tiles, cork helps reduce the stress on your ankles, knees, and lower back, helping to keep you fresh all day long. This give even makes it less likely a glass will break if it is accidentally dropped!

Is anything worse than having to get out of bed in the middle of the winter and knowing that the floor will be cold? Cork is a natural insulator, meaning your floor will stay close to room temperature, even when it's snowing outside. 

Are you looking for a different installation method? We also have floating flooring in the same patterns. 

 Check out our installation information!

For an additional cushion, add cork underlayment to your floor before installing cork tiles.


Quick Care Instructions for Cork Flooring - Sweep Regularly, Damp mop with water occasionally, use a mild detergent made for polyurethane floors as needed

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the cork tree is planted, starting the cycle. The cork tree grows its bark thickening. The bark is carefully harvested and turned into commercial products, the bark on the tree regrows and the cycle continues.

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