Tackboard Cork Wall Tile - Various Patterns


$ 12.95 USD

Take control of your hectic life with a DIY cork board wall! These tiles are perfect for your family command center, homeschooling corner, or just beautiful and functional wall to keep track of things!

Our 6mm tiles are designed to be used with thumbtacks and shorter push pins. You can easily cut them to fit anywhere you want to place them with a utility knife. Mix and match patterns to create a design that is uniquely yours!

Cork is a sustainable material and is a perfect substitute for foam or plastic wall organizers. The natural properties of cork allow the holes left behind by pushpins to "heal" as the cork expands to fill the hole. 

No matter your style, there is a pattern that can match your decor. Choose between the eight patterns we have available. Looking for a different thickness of tile? We have a decorative tile and an acoustic tile available in the same patterns.


If you are looking for an easy DIY application, we recommend getting the tiles with PSA backing. This strong adhesive backing will allow you to peel-and-stick the tiles directly to your wall, or a piece of plywood. However for a more permanent solution, we recommend you select the non-PSA backed tiles  You will brush a water-based contact cement onto both the back of the tile, and your wall substrate will allow for permanent adhesion.

Check out our installation video here

Dimensions: 300mm x 600mm x 6mm
(approx. 11-3/4" x 23-1/2" x 1/4")

Price is per tile.

Note: Due to the natural characteristics of cork along with variations in technical displays, the color may vary slightly from the image on the screen.

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