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Sweet Baby Watermelon Seed Kit


These picnic-perfect Sweet Baby Watermelons grow to just 7.5" in size and are packed with chin-drizzling deep red flesh.

Start indoors, then transplant outdoors into your garden. This Sweet Baby Watermelon seed starting kit is packaged in a nutrient-rich, biodegradable CowPot that helps heal soil and support healthy plant growth.

Give the gift of green—a must-have for aspiring gardeners, home chefs, jettsetters, organic-focused families, city dwellers and more. 
Grow Kits are assembled in Chicago of domestic and imported components.


  • Certified Organic Sweet Baby Watermelon Seeds
  • Coconut Husk Growing Medium
  • Composted Cow Manure CowPot
  • Instruction Manual



  • 5.25”l x 5.25”w x 5”h
  • Made in the USA

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