Not a Flying Toy | P. Zukof

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"This is one of the largest and quickest paintings I've done in recent years. As with most of my paintings, it's started with an image in my mind rather than a clear idea. The vision of the simple paper hat kept popping into my mind, bringing back thoughts of youth, playfulness, and unencumbered gaiety. This is balanced against the ironing nature of a paper captain's hat. As the image played out in my mind, it saw the man with the hat in the waves, and immediately I felt it and knew it needed to be painted. I quickly built the canvas out of scrap wood and had the painting completed in two days. Half painted in oil, and a half in acrylic, this painting is very much balancing on the point of change. The name "Not A Flying Toy" came to me as I was finishing the last bit of the sky, and it seemed to relay the message the image was conjuring perfectly" - from the artist

44" x 64"

OIl and Acrylic on canvas