High Density Cork Sheets - Various Thicknesses

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Tackle your next crafting or DIY plan with high density cork sheets. Cork can be used for a range of projects, from shoemaking to glass blowing! Cork's natural insulating properties make it perfect for arts requiring welding, saudering, or other hot materials. Since it is easily cut to size, it is perfect for silk-screening applications, model making, backing coasters, and more!

Cork is carefully hand-harvested from the bark of the cork oak tree. Once removed, the tree will regrow the bark so it can be harvested in the future!


  • Natural and Sustainable
  • Easy to Cut and Work With 
  • Heat Resistant

For bulletin boards, we recommend using a cork sheet at least 3mm thick to keep thumbtacks from hitting the wall behind them. 

Dimensions: 24in x 36in

the cork tree is planted, starting the cycle. The cork tree grows its bark thickening. The bark is carefully harvested and turned into commercial products, the bark on the tree regrows and the cycle continues.