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Frankie Wood Sunglasses - Walnut Wood


Super light, comfortable, and wearable, Frankie wood sunglasses are reminiscent of the French Riviera in 2077 - modern yet vintage, effortless yet sexy.  Be the talk of the town, a true fashion trailblazer, in these unique Frankie sunglasses

Analog sunglasses come with the highest premium quality lenses offering 400UV polarized protection. One of the great advantages of a polarized lens is superior eye protection. Avoid saltwater as it can affect the quality of the lenses.

Each pair is engineered using a proprietary layering process, our wooden frames are the sturdiest you'll find on the market featuring 10-20 wood layers and are incomparable to other wooden eyewear on the market. 

 Unisex. Walnut wood. 

All sunglasses come with a fold-able, pop-up/down case for utmost protection and sleek and easy stowing for on the go.

Width: 145mm / 5.70"