Natural Cork Dog Leash


$ 21.95 USD

Cork is:

  • A climate positive material
  • The bark of the Cork Oak Tree which regrows after harvesting
  • A family focused industry 

Leash Details:

  • Easy to clean with soap and water
  • Dimensions: 46in long, 0.8in wide
  • Max weight 66lbs


Looking for a natural option for your pets leash? Cork leashes are the perfect alternative to leather or pleather leashes. Cork comes from the bark of the Cork Oak Tree which grows in the Mediterranean regions of Europe and Africa. Harvesting the bark does not harm the tree, so the tree continues its important job of sucking up carbon dioxide from the are and giving us back oxygen while its' bark regrows.

Cork Fabric is durable and easy to clean which is important when Fido finds something "wonderful" to roll in. To clean, use a little bit of dish soap and water to wipe everything off and sanitize the leash.