Cork Yoga Mat Bag


$ 79.95 USD

  • The ultimate stylish tote bag for storing and carrying your yoga or exercise mat!
  • Made from reinforced natural cork in either a tan or brown color
  • A back pocket for your wallet, keys, or other items
  • One size fits most yoga mats. These mats are 27 inches long x 7 inches diameter (685 x 178 mm)
  • Zipper and carrying strap the full length of the bag 
  • We plant a tree for every $50 sold, so by purchasing this bag you're also leaving a legacy to our planet

Feel the connection with nature even before you bring out your mat to stretch or exercise! Whether you practice yoga, hot yoga, pilates, stretching or calisthenics, these cork yoga mat bags are intrinsically beautiful. The look and feel of cork is like none other and this is the real deal. Thin pieces of real cork are laminated to a reinforced backing creating a highly versatile bag -- even if you're just using them to store your mat at home. Let your eco friendly personality shine through and don't settle for just another bag from a cookie cutter national brand. Instead make a difference and look great doing it with CorkHouse.