Cork Spray, 12kg bucket plus toner


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Cork Spray is like a 'skin' for your building. This "paint" is cork and water resin based - 80% of it being cork. It is applied to the outside or inside of homes and buildings creating a breathable, waterproof and thermic layer. It is resistant to sea salt, fungi and UV rays. Regardless of the outside temperature, Cork Spray maintains a constant inside temperature. Put it on paths, walk ways and patios - it is anti-slip! The cork spray is brown in color (though adding included toner makes it white and adding a water-based paint base along with the toner provides a variety of color options - see details below).
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Decorative
  • Anti-slip
  • Thermal insulator
  • Breathable
  • Water repellent
  • Weather-resistant

Cork Spray is sold per 12 kg bucket (approx. 26.4 lbs) with toner. Each bucket covers approx. 180 sqft.


Further Details: 

The initial color of the cork spray is brown (as shown in the first image). The lighter color in the other two images shows the texture of the cork spray once installed on a surface. 

While the initial color of the cork spray is brown, almost any color can be made from this by mixing in the included toner and a water-based paint "base" color of your choice. Water-based "base" can be purchased from most home improvement stores. Select the paint base color of your choice, add it to the cork spray, and mix well to achieve the hue you desire.

If you would like the cork spray to be white, just add in the included toner.
You may also choose to leave the cork spray in its natural color. In this case, no toner needs to be added.

Directions for adding toner: Add one bucket of toner to one bucket of Cork Spray along with 500-800 mL of water. Mix well for 2 to 5 min. Apply soon after mixing.

Note: Due to the natural characteristics of cork along with the variations in technology displays, the color of the product may vary slightly from the image.