Cork Decoy Block High Density Tan - 24"x36"x4"


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Cork decoys have been proven to be the most effective decoys available, suitable to both amateur and professional carvers. Jelinek carving blocks are specifically formulated in a density to maximize detailed carving, clean paint/color applications, and precise natural float distribution. Cork combines the durability and floatation requirements of a hunting decoy with the likeness of the species. Jelinek cork decoys stand up to the trauma of everyday hunting - even being shot with stray pellets from time to time.

  • High density carving blocks 24 x 36 x 4 inches
  • Ideal for carving duck decoys
  • Small granules of cork prevent chipping when carving
  • Dense enough for easy carving yet remains lightweight, durable, and functional
  • Tried and tested - we have sold this block to thousands of decoy makers over the years