1985 Italia Cork Stool / Side Table


$ 195.00 USD

Bring the hills of Tuscany into your home with this timeless cork wine stool!

Settle in after a long day and sip a glass of wine on your cork wine stool! The sturdy cork base means you don’t have to worry about being a little tipsy and spilling wine on it. The stool is marked for one of the best years for Italian wine, 1985. This oversized wine cork can also be used as an end table making it the perfect versatile statement piece. 

Cork is:

  • A climate positive material
  • The bark of the Cork Oak Tree which regrows after harvesting
  • A family focused industry 

Stool Details:

  • Easy to clean (just use soap and water)
  • 17 inches tall
  • 11.5 inch diameter