Connection Cork Yoga Mat (3.5mm)


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Cork is:

  • A climate positive material
  • The bark of the Cork Oak Tree which regrows after harvesting
  • A family focused industry 

Yoga Mat Details:

  • Cork top with natural no slip backing
  • Naturally anti-microbal and oder eliminating 
  • 72" long, 24" wide and 3.5mm thick
  • 6.5lbs
Connect mind, body and mat. Cork yoga mats help you squeeze every drop out of your most intese workouts, from yoga to pillaties, and even Zumba! Cushioning from the cork top and natural backing help to protect your joints and make your workout more comfortable. 

The artwork on this mat is designed to release your inner child. This art was inspired by storeis written by early elementary aged art students. Take a deep breath focusing on the mountains while you let your tension swim away with the fish. 

Care & Use: 
  • To increase grip, spray a bit of water on the mat
  • After use, lay the mat flat to dry
  • Roll cork side out to store
  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure
  • If needed, clean with a little soap and water