Best Seat in the House


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I sought to break the confinements of the typical square and rectangle format we see so often in fine art. Hoping to disrupt the confinement of four edges I started seeking out other second hand objects to adorn with my jewelry. As seen in my pieces, Garden Chairs, Garden Bench, and Best Seat in the House, the metal seating of the chair series relates to the jewelry in the way that they are both made up of metals, cold shiny and hard just manufactured in two very different ways. The plastic jewelry also used on the chairs contrast the metal through its bright colors and breakable nature. The surface of the chairs use traditional weaving techniques with an untraditional medium, costume jewelry. 

Objects included:

  • Colorful Costume Jewlery
  • Beads
  • Plastic Party Necklaces
  • Resin
  • Brass Chair


  • 30" long
  • 15" wide

This price is for two (2) chairs. This work is available for pick up only from CorkHouse Savannah