Large Bee’s Wrap - Honeycomb Pattern

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Wrap and save tonight's home-cooking for lunch tomorrow with this large bee's wax wrap. This wrap was specially designed to cover a standard dinner plate, so it is perfect for saving leftovers.

Switching to reusable alternatives to plastic wrap helps your wallet as well as the planet! One bee's wrap can last for years of use and reuse when properly cared for.

How to use: Soften the bee's wrap using the heat from your hands. Once the wrap is moldable, wrap the bread and use your hands to push the wrap into itself, creating a seal. When the wrap cools, it will hold its' shape.

Care Instructions: Wash your bee's wrap in cool water with mild dish soap. Allow to air dry.

Contains: beeswax, organic cotton, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin

Wrap is 13in x 14in (33cm x 35cm)

Made in the USA

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