Bamboo Straw - Single


$ 2.95 USD

Every day more than 1 billion plastic straws are used worldwide. By using a reusable bamboo straw, you are helping to reduce that number and saving money! These bamboo drinking straws are grown organically in Northeast India and are handcrafted by talented artists. Bamboo straws have a long history in India. For centuries before plastic straws were invented, they were used as long-lasting straws made from an abundant natural resource. 

With proper care, these straws can be used for years and years - saving you money in the long run. To clean them, either shake in a jar of warm and soapy water or scrub with a pipe cleaner. 


  • 100% Organic Bamboo
  • Artisan Crafted
  • Vegan

10in length

Brush with Bamboo artisans are treated like family and paid fair wages.