Aviero Hot Pad - Multiple Sizes


$ 9.95 USD

Bring a touch of the Mediterranean to your kitchen with a cork and rope trivet. Bring a touch of color to your kitchen; the bright blue design was inspired by traditional Portuguese azulejos tiles. 

Cork is a natural insulator making it the perfect material for hot pads! You can set a hot pot or pan directly on the cork without damaging or discoloring the natural surface, and the cork will prevent the heat from reaching your countertop or table! 



  • 2-inch Rope
  • ¾-inch Thick Cork Base to Protect your Counter


Blue ceramic tiles have been synonymous with Portuguese architecture and culture for centuries. The Aveiro train station is an excellent example of the detailed and beautiful blue and white tiles Portugal is known for. 


Small: 5.75” H x 5.75” W x 0.75” D
Large: 8” H x 8” W x 0.75” D