SHUT - Greg Andrade

Exhibition: May 7th - 31st 2022
Opening Reception: May 7th 6-8PM


Greg Andrade permanently transplanted to Savannah 4 years ago to teach Themed Entertainment Design at SCAD.

Opening May 7th in the CorkHouse Gallery is a fascinating exhibition of new work by artist-imagineer Greg Andrade. Andrade describes his artwork in this exhibit as "the result of plunging into the uncontrollable contingencies of life and living in current times - much like pushing a watermelon uphill with a toothpick. SHUT is a show about what happens when the boot heel of existence is pressed upon the proverbial toothpaste of life in general. It's a pataphysical show about the meaning of everything and nothing at all." 

This show will be in the CorkHouse Savannah Annex Gallery through May 31st 2022.