Opening Reception - Shut by Greg Andrade

Shut- by Greg Andrade Opening Reception Banner

Opening Reception: May 7th 6-8PM

Greg Andrade permanently transplanted to Savannah 4 years ago to teach Themed Entertainment Design at SCAD.

Andrade has a 30-year career in theme experience design - and as an architect spent most of his career designing with Walt Disney Imagineering in Glendale. His experience in developing entertainment experiences informs his use of STORY in creating his visual art.

Andrade's artwork varies in concert with the medium used and creates each new series based upon a unique specific visual narrative. The result is an atypical path in which each series of work varies in content/style and employs various mixed media, from the use of the computer to a mop or a roll-on deodorant stick filled with ink.

Greg Andrade's SHUT exhibition displayed on the wall at CorkHouse Gallery Savannah

Opening May 7th in the CorkHouse Gallery is a fascinating exhibition of new work by artist-imagineer Greg Andrade. Andrade describes his artwork in this exhibit as "the result of plunging into the uncontrollable contingencies of life and living in current times - much like pushing a watermelon uphill with a toothpick. SHUT is a show about what happens when the boot heel of existence is pressed upon the proverbial toothpaste of life in general. It's a pataphysical show about the meaning of everything and nothing at all."


Artist Greg Andrade meeting with guests at the Opening Reception of SHUT at CorkHouse Gallery Savannah


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CorkHouse Savannah Gallery
230 West Bay Street
Savannah, GA 31401