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Jelinek Cork Group: An Overview

Jelinek Cork Group (JCG) is over 150 years old. Today it is one of the oldest continually active cork companies in the world. It remains a privately owned, fifth generation family run company headquartered in Canada with subsidiary warehousing, office, and/or production facilities in various countries around the world. JCG ships cork products to over thirty different countries each year.


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A Little History

Jelinek Cork Group was founded in 1855 in the province of Bohemia within the former Austro-Hungarian Empire in what is known today as the Czech Republic. That area of the world was known then, as it is today, as the capital of world beer consumption. Cork stoppers were supplied by Jelinek to the leading breweries of the world when beer bottles were still sealed with natural corks. Distilleries and wineries quickly learned the advantages of using natural cork in sealing their own bottles and Jelinek Cork was soon also supplying these two industries, as well as the cosmetic, spice, and food markets with their stopper requirements. Crown corks with cork inserts were widely used during the 1940's and 1950's.

During the occupation of Czechoslovakia by the communists in 1948, Jelinek Cork was nationalized and the Jelinek family escaped to Canada to find freedom and a new start. The new North American company was started and prospered throughout Canada and the USA and began expanding into other countries. In 1989, with the collapse of the Iron Curtain and the ousting of the communist regime, Jelinek Cork Group re-established a division of JCG in Eastern Europe and today also have facilities in both the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. 



Key Locations

Jelinek Cork Worldwide Headquarters:

Oakville, Ontario Canada,


U.S Locations:

Savannah, Georgia United States

North Hollywood, CA


European Locations:

Rio Meão, Portugal

Bratislava, Slovakia

Bath, United Kingdom

Rychnov u Jablonce nad Nisou, Czech Republic