JOIN a Community, JOIN a Movement

Join us as we work to create a more sustainable tomorrow.

We strive to promote a Mediterranean lifestyle. We vow to be with family, share with loved ones, and laugh more often. We believe in living a simpler lifestyle in efforts to create a happier, more sustainable planet.

We’re proud to offer studio, co-retailing and co-working space to those who share our values and want to work together to promote a sustainable future. 

How to Participate

email list of happenings and how you can make a difference, discounts code for being a supporter.


Community Member.
onsite membership plus ability to hold approved events.

Currently Available only at Savannah, GA location

shelf space for your sustainable product in one or all of our Design Centers and Showrooms.


design, create, display and sell your sustainable products.

Currently Available only at Savannah, GA location


For pricing and more information on membership, contact us and include the level of participation you are interested as well as location.