Find Your Community at CorkHouse


In the Mediterranean regions where the cork oak trees grow, life is slower, centered on family and community - people work together, support each other. 

We strive to promote a Mediterranean lifestyle. We vow to be with family, share with loved ones, and laugh more often. We believe in living a simpler lifestyle in an effort to create a happier, more sustainable planet.

To this end, we are creating new membership programs. Our goal is that this program will create a community of like-minded individuals interested in preserving our environment and promoting artistic expression. Begin by joining us as a member. As a CorkHouse member, you will receive a monthly email newsletter, a monthly calendar of events, a bi-monthly members-only event, access to the member lounge at CorkHouse Savannah. You will also be able to rent our workshop space for classes and meetings up to 20 people or rent the gallery for larger events.


Membership Benefits:

  • 20% off all purchases at CorkHouse or when you purchase an annual membership
  • Ability to contribute one ad or 150-word paragraph to our monthly newsletter
  • A bi-monthly members-only event 
  • Use of the member's lounge at CorkHouse Savannah, including secure wifi
  • Ability to rent Workshop/Class space monthly ($10/person attending class)

    CorkHouse Membership: $10/month.

     CorkHouse Gallery Membership Add-ons: Mailbox, Studio Gallery, Working Studio, Main Gallery, Semi Private Studio


    Mailbox     |      Studio Gallery      |      Working Studio      |      Main Gallery      |      Semi-Private Office


    For pricing and more information on membership, contact us and include the level of participation you are interested as well as location.