Co-Retailing at CorkHouse




  • Do you make or sell a natural, or sustainable, or renewable product?
  • Have you ever thought about expanding your product into new markets?
  • Have you considered how valuable it would be to have hundreds of active consumers able to see, touch, feel, and buy your product each month?


CorkHouse co-retailing provides members with a 6 square foot section of retail store space for their goods. Members can display their wares however they like within this “mini store in a store”. CorkHouse staff will provide in-person customer sales support and ring up orders. There is no requirement for the vendor member to be on-site!


Membership to CorkHouse co-retailing program is just $29 per month. The total required minimum commitment is 4 months.


What do you get for your $29 month membership?


  1. You get a 6 square foot display area for your items. That is the footprint, however your display can have multiple shelves. Our typical display footprint is 36” x 24”. For example, a 4 shelf display in that footprint would provide you with 24 square feet of display space.
  2. You determine the price that the customer pays. We process all orders as consignment orders with a 60/40 split where 60% of the sale goes to the vendor and 40% goes to CorkHouse to cover staffing, rent, utilities, insurance, credit card fees, and all other overhead. It is a simple formula that allows you to control what you earn.
  3. An option to include your items at no extra cost in our online shop -
  4. We provide the shoppers! In 2019, CorkHouse in Savannah, GA received between 2,000 to over 4,500 in-person visitors to the store every month depending on the season. In addition the online store averages more than 7,000 sessions per month.
  5. A fully staffed retail space with professional and courteous sales associates working to sell your items.
  6. Reciprocal discount of 15% on all in-store or online items

What does it take to participate?


  1. Your membership must be approved. We have limited space for participants in this program. CorkHouse is a sustainable lifestyle store with cork products being central to what we do. Product selection is based on values defined by us. At minimum products must meet our sourcing values which are listed below as guidance.
  2. Your items must sell an average of $185 per month over a 4 month period. That means your item could sell $0 for 3 months and $740 in 1 month and you would still hit the target. If your items sell less than (on average) $185 per month over a 4 month period we will simply return all unsold items to you at the end of this period. On the other hand, if your items are selling well and we have space available, we will provide you with an opportunity to take on additional space if so desired.
  3. You are responsible for getting your items to the store in Savannah, GA and for the cost of any return shipping if you cancel your membership after 4 months or if sales do not reach the above target numbers.
  4. You will allow CorkHouse staff to negotiate up to a 15% discount off your item price. The staff will only discount the price if it makes a difference between making a sale and not making a sale. We also may periodically provide site wide (online or in-store) promotions. Any discount beyond the 15% will be covered by CorkHouse.
  5. You will provide a 15% discount on all items to other co-retailing members and staff of CorkHouse. This works all around in that it gives all members (including you) an opportunity to purchase items from other members at a discount either in-store or online.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Displays: All displays must fit our specified footprint and be approved by CorkHouse. We are looking to merchandise the store in a cohesive manner. If you would prefer that CorkHouse provides the display and merchandises your display area, we can do so at no charge.


Shipping: We ship goods ordered online or purchased in-store at a flat rate of $8.95 for orders under $50 or for free for orders over $50. Shipping costs not recovered from the customer will be deducted from payouts in the same ratio as commissions (i.e. 60% of the shipping cost). For example, if a customer places an order for $35 to be shipped, they will pay an additional shipping fee of $8.95 for a total of $43.95. If the actual shipping cost is $12 there would be a member contribution to shipping of $1.83 which would be deducted from the payout (60% of $12.00 - $8.95)


Returns: We provide our customers with a 30 days return window. If the item was shipped via an online order the customer is responsible for return shipping but is reimbursed for the full product cost including outbound shipping. A return results in a reversal to your account including the member portion of outbound shipping.


Payouts: CorkHouse pays out monthly via Paypal or check. If you are compensated more than $500 per year and are not a company with a taxID, you will be issued a 1099 at year end.




How to get started!


  1. Please read the sourcing values below. The closer your items align to these values, the more likely you are to be selected.
  2. Fill out the application at We have limited space in-store and want to make sure your items will be a good fit providing you with the greatest opportunity to sell. If you are selected as a member, we will notify you and provide you an opportunity to ask any questions.
  3. Approved members will send their goods to the store. We will place them on the sales floor and your membership will begin.


It’s that easy! If you have any questions, please or call Sonny at 912-677-3016.



Our sourcing values


  1. Strive for sustainable packaging
  2. Minimize use of plastic. If there is plastic, aim for recyclable plastic
  3. Look for items that support your local community whenever possible
  4. Items that incorporate cork (the most renewable and sustainable material) always have preference
  5. We prioritize items that are Renewable: i.e. cork, wood, natural fibers
  6. We prioritize items that are Sustainable: not clear cut forestry, no quarry intensive, no petroleum based
  7. We prioritize items with limited synthetic properties (i.e. natural items)
  8. Prioritize items that do not contain known toxins or poisons in quantities and forms that could negatively impact living things (see California Prop 65 for a list of some of these items)