Artist: P. Zukof

P. Zukof has a long history of creative outlets. His journey began in New York City. After studying drawing and painting under Julia Eisen-Lester, he attended the School of Visual Arts in NYC, receiving his BFA in Illustration. He found his love of nature brought him to study the art of horticulture and landscape design. He went on to open Junebug Artistic Garden Design and worked on some of the largest and most prestigious rooftop gardens in NYC. He incorporated his traditional drawing and painting skills into this new outlet allowed him to develop his art with a focus on creating art as an experience.

In 2012 P. Zukof and his family moved to Savannah, GA, where he has had the time and space to devote to painting and creating with reclaimed wood. In addition to painting, my wife and I opened our popular Etsy shop, where we sell our woodcraft and handmade fiber arts products.

From P. Zukof:
"Using acrylic and oil paints, I create art that surfaces from inner subconscious imagery. Without analysis, I work through a painting, consciously rendering the image and adjusting pallet, tone, and composition. The effort of creating this way creates a pathway to the subconscious subject and the mystery of the emotion within. The paintings portray a subtle balance between the reality of the subconscious and the fictionality of the conscious mind. My current works focus on exploring new surfaces and the use of mediums to help capture the spontaneousness of the world of inner emotion."


A selection of Peter's works are currently on display at CorkHouse Savannah Gallery.

See available works here: