Artist: Malloury Dagon

Malloury Dagon is inspired by transitional moments: when the historical meets the modern, the aged connects with the newly conceived, or the systematic and impromptu collide.

An Arizona native, she has dedicated her career to learning and developing different styles and using different creative materials, which resulted in the founding of Malloury Dagon LLC in Illinois. Ms. Dagon has embraced the journey of a self-taught artist. She continues to draw from her rich experience and knowledge of the creative and technical process through connections with other artists.

Malloury’s passion for familiarity, newness, fluidity, and challenge has allowed her to navigate a potentially infinite palette of creative media without fear or other encumbrance. Moreover, her love of discovery makes her open to experiencing and creating in all forms and adaptable to changing perspectives, media, and subject matter when the need of the moment calls for that change.

Malloury describes her Southeast Series of paintings as primarily figurative work with some elements of abstract surrealism. “Subjects of antiquity and modernization are depicted through color and layering. Their junction is represented by placement of the subjects, and the movement of the subjects through texture, direction or brush stroke.” She further explains, “The series’ watercolors represent the idealism of a region or timeframe, as it has developed. The junction is the undertone of deterioration coexisting with flourishment. The acrylic pieces show a portion/s of life, while the watercolors represent the whole. Both display movement toward modernization as well as the archaic.

A selection of Malloury's works are currently on display at CorkHouse Savannah Gallery.

See available works here: