Artist: Joshua Blue

Joshua Blue grew up in Athens, Georgia, but has Gulf Coast roots. He began drawing at an early age - copying comics, comic books, and album covers. Then, at sixteen, he toured Italy's exceptional towns and galleries. The art and architecture he saw on this trip stirred his passion for art, pulling him to develop his own artistic voice. He has studied many art masters but was heavily influenced by Van Gogh, Gauguin, Matisse, and Durain. 

Josuha has always been focused on the process of creation and capturing color. "I like the creative process. I like having an idea and taking it from a concept in my mind to a completed art form." 

While studying art at Barton College in North Carolina, Joshua began a business of decorative painting. He painted murals, children's rooms, furniture, and faux finishes using various techniques that satisfied his sense of design. 


"I am self-taught with a God given talent that I am blessed to use every day in a variety of ways and settings." 


In 2010 Joshua started creating works in 'Folk Impressionism.' His new motivation has been driven by a fascination with Richter's "dragged" abstracted images and the Impressionists' striving to capture color at the moment. After 25 years as a faux painter and muralist, he has collected an excess of left-over house paints from former projects. Joshua upcycles the "left-over" house paints to create 'Folk Impressionism' which incorporates the drag technique by only using palette knives.


A selection of Joshua's works are currently on display at CorkHouse Savannah Gallery.

See available works here: