Artist: Greg Frazier

Greg C. Frazier is a native of the savannah coastal marshes and has called Jacksonville home for over three decades, along with his artist wife, Lori. His first foray into photography as a child was using a Kodak Brownie camera and a darkroom made from a refrigerator box. Before retirement, Greg was a family mediator, parenting coordinator, and nonprofit consultant. He also worked with veterans experiencing homelessness. He continues to be an advocate for ending homelessness.

The symmetry and asymmetry of nature inspire Greg; the flight of birds, the reflections of still water, the motion of waterfalls and waves, the faces and figures of cypress knees, and unusual moons. He loves the old and broken, from seashells to rusted-out cars and dilapidated buildings. He has won several awards in art shows, and his work was chosen to market CorkHouse Gallery in 2021.

He is currently experimenting with the ancient encaustic medium as an expressive way to present his photography.


A selection of Greg's works are currently on display at CorkHouse Savannah Gallery.

See available works here: