Artist: Abraham Brown

My work is an exploration of art as a means to resist the status quo of traditional techniques and materials. Only through experimentation, imaginative reasoning, and captive observation can new styles and techniques be created. My process crosses the barriers between the physical, mental and spiritual realms with the intention of synthesis. This is accomplished by the mediation of objects and images, which are ingested through the imaginative and captive observation techniques. Working this way keeps me on a constant alert of everything that I see, as it can be potentially part of the assimilation in my art process.

Mixed media, painting, and sculpture are a fitting combination to convey topics and narratives that my works cover. The sculpture aspects add a raised and recessed texture that breaks the bonds of two-dimensional limits combined with the application of paint that fills the crevices in various thicknesses and colors, which gives the work character and distinctive atmosphere. Working this way excites and challenges me to constantly move forward, creating new work in the myriad chambers of the physical, mental and spiritual realms.


A selection of Abraham's work is currently on display at CorkHouse Savannah Gallery.

See available works here: