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Herbal Teas Garden Bon Bons


Grow your gardening skills and expand your herbal tea horizon with these garden bon bons! These clay covered seeds are perfect for the beginner gardener or the expert gardener! 

This box of goodies contains:

Red Clay Square (2)

  • Lemon Balm/Melissa officinalis
  • Fresh leaves for teas and also for salads
  • 18"-26" tall
  • 70 days to maturity

Red Clay Blossom (2)

  • Chamomile/Matricaria recutita
  • Daisy-like flowers in tea induce a soothing sleepiness
  • 18"-24" tall
  • 60-65 days to maturity

Red Clay Truffle (2)

  • Borage/Borago officinalis
  • Leaves and Blossoms for salads and desserts.
  • 18"-30" tall
  • 60 days to maturity

White Clay Truffle (2)

  • Anise/Pimpinella anisum
  • Tiny white flowers, seeds and leaves for teas, cooking, salads, curries and mexican dishes.
  • 18"-36" tall
  • 75-80 days to maturity

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