November 18, 2022

Make Your Own Cork Puff Ornaments!

Make Your Own Cork Puff Ornaments!

Add a dash of sustainability to your holiday decor with these quick cork puff ornaments. These soft, plush ornaments can be flat-packed to save space in your holiday decorations box and won't shatter like glass blub ornaments. I love how quickly and easily these ornaments come together. I would rate this as a beginner-friendly project. 


Supply List

  • cork fabric scrap box
  • 1/2 yard of batting (or batting scraps)
  • 6in of elastic or ribbon per ornament
  • scissors
  • cookie cutter, die cutter, or stencil 
  • spool of polyester thread
  • sewing machine
  • fray check
  • fabric pen or sharpie
  • optional decorative thread
  • optional quilting ruler


Step One: Gather Supplies

Once you gather your supplies, you are ready to get started crafting!! 

The full supply list from above on a wood counter


Step Two: Trace Stencil/Design

Once I gathered all my supplies, I looked at the fabric scraps and stencils/templates to see what would fit best on what fabric. I chose to use a lid for the ball ornaments and a star template I cut out of cardboard. The gingerbread man cookie cutter I had didn't fit my fabric well, so I elected not to use it.  


A cardboard cut out of a star on the back of cork fabric.


Usually, I would only use a fabric marker on fabric; however, none of the fabric markers I had were showing up well on the fabric or the batting. So instead, I opted to use a sharpie on the wrong side of the fabric and then cut on the inside of the line. When marking the batting, I used only light pressure with the sharpie to avoid distorting the batting. 


A circular lid on the back of cork fabric with another circle already drawn in a green sharpie



Step Three: Cut Fabric & Batting

Using sharp fabric scissors, I cut the fabric and the batting along the line I drew in the previous step. I found it easier to cut each layer individually. 


A heart being cut out of batting with bright orange scissors



Step Four: Cut Ribbon or Elastic

I chose a ribbon or elastic for each ornament that best matched the fabric. From there, I laid the ribbon on a quilting ruler and cut at just over the 6-inch mark. 

If you are looking to make a scrapy version of the cork puff ornaments, many companies use ribbon when packing orders. I keep a jar in my sewing room where I put the ribbon scraps to use in projects!


Ribbon stretched on a 6.5in quilting ruler


Step Five: Pin Batting, Fabric, and Ties Together


Once I cut everything, I lined up each layer as follows. 


Right Side of Cork Fabric Facing Out
Ribbon or Elastic
Right Side of Cork Fabric Facing Out


The three layers put together cork fabric, batting and cork fabric.


I used wonder clips to keep the layers together for the star ornaments while sewing. However, I ended up not using any pins or clips for the ball ornaments. 


Step Six: Sew 1/4in Away from Edge


I used a 2.5mm straight stitch and followed the edge of the fabric for a quarter-inch seam. I used an edge guide foot on my machine, which made it much easier to keep the stitching smooth along the edge. If you don't have an edge guide, most machines will let you move the needle so that the edge of the foot will line up a quarter inch away.


A heart shaped ornament made of puff fabric under the foot of a sewing machine with a quarter inch edge



I used a vibrant green decorative embroidery thread on the navy cork fabric to provide an extra pop of color.

A close up of the navy cork ball ornament with bright green decorative thread


Step Seven: Trim Edges

I carefully trimmed the edges of the ornament to smooth the three layers of fabric and ensure everything was even. To avoid cutting the hanging loop, I folded it to one side to cut the fabric on either side. 


The edge of a cork fabric ornament pulled to one side so it can be trimmed without cutting the ribbon loop for hanging.


Step Eight: Apply Fray Check to the Edges

Finally, I liberally applied fray check to the edges of the ornament. This will prevent any fray from the batting or fabric and seal the ornament.  


Here are the finished ornaments!
three cork ball puff ornaments and one star puff ornament on a wood table


Ready to make your own cork puff ornaments? Click here for our cork fabric scrap box!