November 23, 2022

2022 Holiday Shopping Guide

2022 Holiday Shopping Guide

Checking off everyone on your nice list can be a challenge! So we pulled our favorite sustainable holiday gifts for everyone on your list! 


Sonny's Pick 

5 Fish Hot Pads 

The 5-Fish cork hot pad is a great gift for everyone. If I'm ever unsure what to buy for someone, this is one of those things you can't go wrong with. It's unique with its five individual fish shapes cut from cork banded together with real rope, it's functional in that it is a working trivet, and it's classy. We've had customers purchase it and hang it on the wall as artwork. On top of all that, it's affordable!


Stocking Stuffers

One of the most challenging things to shop for is stocking suffers that are actually useful! What I love about these stocking stuffers is that they will be used! 


  1. Winter Seasonal Coaters - Mix and match the three fun holiday coasters. I especially love the cat in front of a broken Christmas tree... because we have all been there. 
    A cork coaster with a printed cartoon reindeer and text reading "Oh Deer Christmas is Here"
  2. Fold Flat Sunglasses Case - Staff Pick - Yvonne "Durable, unique and oh so convenient, this Cork Glasses Case is a must have accessory for everyone who wears glasses! I love that they protect my sunglasses, and fold flat when I am wearing my glasses! This is a perfect gift for anyone on your list this holiday season!"
  3. Bamboo Toothbrushes - If your childhood was anything like mine, no stocking is complete without a new toothbrush! 


Under $25

Sometimes you need to find that perfect unicorn of a gift, not too expensive, practical, and memorable. I always draw a blank when Christmas parties, holiday dinners, and secret Santas sneak up on me!


  1. Cork Turntable Mats - If you have an audiophile in your life, a cork turntable mat is a perfect gift! Designed to be used with 7-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch records. Using cork as a turntable mat will improve the bass and treble frequency and decrease static, making music for your ears. 
  2. Pedro, Adventures of a Cork Harvester - Share the love of nature and childlike wonder of the world around us with this colorful and educational book. Perfect for kids as well as those who want to learn more about sustainability and renewable resources. 
    Outer cover of "Pedro Adventures of Cork Harvester" showing Pedro hugging a cork tree.
  3. Bamboo & Cork Flyswat - I love gifting novelty finds. The bamboo cork fly swat absolutely fits that description. The fly swat is made from all-natural materials and is easy to clean. 


Under $50

When looking for gifts for close friends, the options can be overwhelming! I know I have fallen into the trap of giving gift cards which, while great, does lack that personal touch of a perfectly chosen gift for a loved one. So here are our picks for $50 and under gifts. 


  1. Corkstone Placemats - Staff Pick - Sonny "I love the Corkstone Place mats because they visually connect our mealtimes to our planet. We all know that real food is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, but serving a meal that was lovingly made on plastic place mats feels (and is) ingenuine. Knowing that these place mats come from trees that go on living is an example of sustainable living that we're proud to discuss with our three children. We use these cork place mats at every meal. They're easy to clean by just wiping. Tip: they pair great with the Corkstone coasters for an elegant and unified table setting."
  2.  Cork Yoga Roller - This is one of my favorite items. If you are shopping for someone who enjoys yoga, pilates, or intense stretching, this is the gift for them. I enjoy using the roller to add an extra level to my pilates workout and then as a firmer option than my foam roller for working lactic acid out of my calves and thighs. 
    A woman using a cork yoga roller under her calves while doing pushups.
  3. Cork Cap - Gift the fashion lover in your life a quick and easy way to walk out the door looking put together. The three neutral color options have a match for everyone's style.


Under $100

When you are shopping for the socially-conscious fashion lover on your list. Cork is a perfect option. Cork is harvested in the Mediterranean and is a generational craft.  


  1. Animado Bag - This bag is perfect for teens and adults alike! The two deep pockets make it easy to keep what you need close at hand without getting lost, and the cork strap can be adjusted to fit as a crossbody or over-the-shoulder bag. 
  2. SunJays Sunglasses - Give the gift of eye protection and outside style! There are three styles of SunJay sunglasses to fit every face shape. 
    Two women wearing black posing with cork sunjay sunglases
  3. Safari Hat - This hat is a favorite in our Savannah store. The wicker-style hat base allows the breeze to cool your head while the cork brim and top keep the sun off your face and head!


Under $200

For me, shopping for my closest loved ones is always the most difficult. I want to give them something they will frequently use, love, and cherish. These gifts are at the top of my shopping list this year. 


  1. Sunslider Sneakers - Our cork sneakers are a customer favorite. Since they are made of cork, they are lighter than traditional sneakers while providing a modern, high-end look. 
    A close up of a man wearing the cork sunslider kicks sneakers on a black wood floor.
  2. Top Flap Crossbody - This bag is another customer favorite. The fold-over top flap gives an added layer of security, and the bag is that perfect mid-size where you can fit everything you need but not everything you don't. 
  3. Yoga Gift Set - Send a complete yoga starter kit to the yogi in your life! Cork is ideal for workout products as it is antimicrobial with a better grip than plastic alternatives. This set includes a yoga mat, two yoga blocks, a yoga wedge, and a yoga cylinder. 


If you are still struggling to find the perfect gift, please reach out to us at, and we will be happy to help you!